The sponsorship industry generates over $60 Billion annually, yet it has no major technology to make the process efficient for buyers and sellers.

Current sponsorship platforms are little more than directories and RFP posts. New and classic artists with mid-sized audiences find it difficult to attract big brands. Similarly, brands find it difficult to buy multiple artists because of the time for custom executions.
The Sponsor Desk solves this problem!

How? We made the world’s first sponsorship exchange. The platform allows artists to turn their sponsorships into a Sponsor Unit and sell it as a commodity alongside other similar artists. Brands can then buy a category all at once at one rate (CPM).

Since it’s an exchange, the sponsorships sell for the highest bid, ensuring a fair price. If you don’t like the brand that won the bid, pick a lower bidder. If you want to sell more, post another Sponsor Unit.

The methods of networks and exchanges have been popular in digital advertising for over a decade. Brands prefer the efficiency of a standard rate (CPM) and measuring to an overall audience. Packing sponsorships into a standardized Sponsor Unit allows artists to sell their inventory the same way digital advertising is bought.

We are a startup and recently filed our patent for this unique exchange. We hope that you grow with us and share feedback on how to improve our platform and your experience. Please message us at [email protected] with any questions.


How To Get Started

1. Create a SponsorUnit

You control what you want to sell

You set your minimum CPM rate (cost per thousand audience)


2. Post your unit to the exchange

Watch bids come in from advertisers

Post as many units as you want to sell


3. Get Paid

Confirm you want to work with the brand

Get paid to your PayPal when you complete the sponsorship!


1. Enter your campaign details

Select the type, category, audience size, etc.

Set your CPM rate to bid


2. Approve your campaign

Quickly details of each creator before your decide

Review quality and ranks


3. Verify

Verify each sponsorship unit before being charged

Monitor campaign performance